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Löffingen Städtle Löffingen in the Black Forest

Löffingen next to the Wutach Gorge

Vacation destination in the sunny upper Black Forest

A mediaeval town that seems to appear from a picture book, surrounded by wild gorges

The 1200 years old former market town Löffingen with its outlying districts Bachheim, Dittishausen, Göschweiler, Reiselfingen, Seppenhofen and Unadingen is situated in the north of the unique nature reserve Wutach Gorge.

The different gorges present white water scenes, fabulous waterfalls and terrific views. Hikers will be spoilt by seeing many rare birds and butterflies as well as more than 1000 different plant species such as the wild orchid. A hike in the valley is perfect to forget everyday life and let the spirits soar.

Schwarzwaldhaus Black Forest
A visit in the museum of local history as well as the carnival museum in the town gate ”Maienländer Tor” will give the guests an impression of the past of our region. Furthermore several beautiful, historically interesting buildings, such as mills and chapels, can be found in the near surroundings.

Besides Löffingen offers its visitors a modern infrastructure with many different sports-, leisure- and recreation facilities, as well as an idyllic outdoor swimming-pool next to the forest, the indoor pool and the leisure- and animal park “Schwarzwaldpark”.

Due to its eventful area and plenty of hotels, guesthouses, apartments, cottages as well as farm and horseback riding accommodations, Löffingen is a family- and childfriendly vacation destination.

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