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Basilika Basilica


In the capital of the Vosges, where culture, sports, economy and nature live together in perfect harmony, a rich past is the beginning of a fertile future. You can visit the Basilica Saint-Maurice, with its 10th century origins, as well as the Museum of old and contemporary art, which displays works of art from Rembrandt to Andy Warhol. The original comic books began here with the worldly known fantastic "images d'Epinal". After a walk through the city or a promenade along the Moselle, visitors will enjoy the famous cuisine at one of the many renowned restaurants.
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Sightseeing in the town and nearby

Guided tour: Information: Tourist office:
Tel. 03 29 82 53 32

Departmental museum for ancient and modern art. Information:
Tel. 03 29 82 20 33,
Fax: 03 29 82 01 63

Museum of sheets of pictures - open-air museum. Information:
Tel. 03 29 31 28 88,
Fax: 03 29 31 12 24

Bastion of Uxegney, Information at the tourist office,
Tel. 03 29 82 53 32

Weitere Informationen:

Informations at

Tourist office
6 Place St Goëry B.P. 304
88008 Epinal Cedex
tél. 03 29 82 53 32


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